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Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol 

I’m still waiting for a better action experience in cinemas than the feeling of vertigo I experienced as Brad Bird‘s camera peered over the window’s ledge in the Burj Khalifa setpiece of Ghost Protocol. It certainly helped that I was at one of the largest IMAX screens in the world, but revisiting the film numerous time in the comfort of my comparatively minuscule own home proves that Brad Bird‘s live-action debut is an endlessly rewatchable. Yes, the villain is a far cry from its immediate predecessor, but the character work and snappy dialogue in virtually every scene only help to bolster the immaculately crafted setpieces. When it comes to popcorn entertainment — a term often used synonymously with action films — Ghotocol proves to the ideal example in the 21st century, and the peak of the Mission: Impossible franchise thus far. 

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