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Jostle has a unique approach to communication; as CEO Brad Palmer explained to me, Jostle acts as an “Organization as a Platform.” What does he mean by that?

The concept here is a platform that clarifies workplace teams, makes internal communication happen at all levels, and surfaces information/expertise across the organization. For dispersed organizations, Jostle’s platform becomes the most tangible realization of the company itself – the go-to place to participate in workplace culture, understand organizational goals, and celebrate success. Jostle is achieving unheard of (over 5X industry norms) organization-wide employee participation levels, as measured across its diverse customer base.

Where Jostle shines is not necessarily in individual teams, like Slack, but across organizations (their primary demographic is businesses with over 25 global employees). They aim to fix the problem of people disregarding chat software; if your company has 5,000 people and only a 400 are using their given communication client, the benefits of chat search and advanced communication tools are moot. That’s why Jostle user engagement is its number one customer success metric.

The end result? A gorgeous system that everyone uses. Check it out.

Price: Scales with company size; starts at $8 per employee per month for a 25-person company. From there, the price starts scaling down after 50 people.

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