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John Wick

In so many ways, John Wick is the ideal modern action film. First, the setup is simple: a retired gunman loses his wife. Then, a couple thugs with ties to his past steal his car…and kill his dog. Now, John Wick (a pitch-perfect Keanu Reeves) must don the suit he swore off to his past for the most personal job of all, revenge. Within a razor-sharp economy of moments, John Wick offers genuine emotional weight behind all the mayhem. And what slick, beautiful mayhem it is. Ferociously paced and backed by a roaring soundtrack, the unbroken takes of Wick’s slaughter redefine how to depict action cinema. Giving birth to a new style of choreography known as “gun-fu,” these killings are so brutally stylized in their depiction as to almost become sensuous. Through a swirl of vibrant colors and pulsating lights, Jonathan Sela’s lush cinematography creates a dark underworld out of New York that is the sandbox for this violence. Lean, mean, and a one-man-wrecking-machine, John Wick is a new action icon we have been sorely missing. But now, thankfully, we’re thinking he’s back.

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