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In Fleep, you can send messages to anyone with an email address—no more “walled gardens” where you can only chat with other people on your platform. If you’re sick of asking people to sign up for different chat platforms just so they can communicate, Fleep is a great option. And since it can act as an all-inclusive communication tool, you may as well get rid of the business world’s biggest productivity suck: email.

One way that Fleep differentiates itself from Slack is that it’s “user centric” instead of “team centric.” I chatted with Katheriin Liibert, Fleep’s Communication Manager, who explained,

Fleep is user-centric (me and my conversations) while Slack is team-centric (our team and our conversations)…Slack’s team-centric approach suits well for the people who need to work only internally within one specific team, it’s easier manage the team members and team conversations.Fleep’s user-centric approach suits well for the people who need to work with different people across organizational borders or who work simultaneously in different teams.

In other words, Fleep is great for both outbound and inbound communication and gives Slack a real run for its money.

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