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Deadpool 2

There's an obnoxious aside in Deadpool 2, the latest chapter in the ultra-violent (and ultra-smarmy) X-Men spin-off series, where Ryan Reynolds's red suit-wearing anti-hero turns to the audience and says there's a "big CGI fight scene coming up." He's not kidding -- the Russian tin man Colossus brawls for a while with an animated villain I won't reveal here -- and that's the irritating part of the gag: The filmmakers are just acknowledging a cliché instead of upending it! In the first Deadpool movie, the comedic "too much-ness" of the character was often used to cover up some perfunctory, uninspired action sequences. Luckily, the sequel, which centers around Deadpool's efforts to save young Firefist (Dennison) from the clutches of badass time traveler Cable (Brolin), delivers sharper one-liners and more dynamic set-pieces, including a bloody X-Force raid that turns into a Rube Goldberg-like show-stopper for the luck-prone Domino (Zazie Beetz). The CGI battles, meta winks, and constant pop culture references can be exhausting, but there's an entertaining 90-minute Shane Black-ish comic book movie lurking beneath all the clutter.

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